This would be a regular week for me as just another busy parent with a demanding family and a career, striving to keep in an acceptable condition.

Monday- relaxation day

The start of the week is simply too arduous to add a workout to it.

Tuesday- kettlebell exercise

I would perform a little warmup and then drop for a single set of 100 push-ups. Don’t ask why- I don’t know. I’ve simply done this since I was a youngster.

I would then perform ten sets of clean and press each side within 10 minutes, followed by twelve sets of 15 reps swings within twelve minutes.

I would end the program with three sets of Bulgarian split squats for each side, about 15 repetitions.

I use a 24kg and this sort of exercise would take me roughly 35 minutes. I would sweat a few buckets doing it.

Wednesday- pull-ups

I would perform five sets of pull-ups: 1×10, 3×15, and 1×5. I would perform slow repetitions on the way down for the final set.

I would follow with chin-ups with the same sets and reps as above.

I would conclude with two sets of 10 chin-ups with a front-facing grip.

I am not a fan of training specific muscle groups, therefore I would perform 4×25 sets of push-ups with lifted feet and gradual negatives in the final repetitions at the finish.

This exercise takes me roughly 30 minutes.

Thursday- relaxation day

Friday- gym session

Time-wise I can only afford to go to the gym once a week. This is the reason why I want to exercise most muscle groups in a single session and make use of the weights I don’t have at home.

I would take a little warmup and get right into deadlifts (more seldom squats since I loathe them) (more infrequently squats because I hate them).

I would start with the bar to “rehearse” the movement. Then I would do something like 1×10 at 60kg, 1×8 at 80–90kg, 2×3(4) at 110–120kg.

Next, I would perform bench presses. I would start with the bar and then do 1×12 at 50kg, 1×8 at 80kg, and 1×6 at 90kg. Finally, I would execute a tremendous drop set beginning with 1×3 at 100kg reaching failure, followed by 1×8–10 at 80kg nearing failure, and conclude with 10–15 repetitions at 50kg.

I would then do several sets on the rowing machine and 3 sets of chin-ups.

Next, I would perform roughly 3 sets of simple barbell or dumbbell curls. 50–60kg is great for me for the curls and I would cheat in the last 1–2 repetitions.

At the conclusion of the session, I would perform some tricep and shoulder movements.

A gym session generally lasts approximately 60–70 minutes for me.

Saturday- rest day or a little exercise with the kettlebell

Sunday- either a kettlebell exercise or pull-ups (depending on my mood and energy) (depending on mood and energy).

Nothing of the foregoing is fixed in stone. I would constantly aim to grow stronger with more weights and repetitions and frequently change some of the workouts for alternatives.

I am sure there are tons of fitness experts out there who would condemn my routines, but please feel free to follow your own regimen.

Good luck with your training everyone!