It takes a lot of diet discipline to have the figure of a standard fitness model. However, you may still be fit and powerful without being shredded.

According to the notion of energy balance, if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight and vice versa. It doesn’t matter what you’re consuming. Essentially, being fit is about being able to do specific motions that take more than typical work…effortlessly or with ease…without exerting additional effort.

Now it’s up to you to consume the number of calories recommended by your BMI calculator. This may be accomplished by referring to the nutrition data on the container of whatever you are eating. You’ll also want a food scale in order to accurately measure out a portion of whatever you’re eating.

To be really honest, I don’t believe you need any of the calorie counting equipment. Because I don’t believe you are genuinely overweight.

“I have a flat stomach and C-cup breasts, but my thighs are gigantic. I can run, lift, and endure for longer periods of time than most people, but my fat legs never change, and I am concerned that no one will be physically attracted to me.” You said.

Much like many of the other answerers, I believe that you are giving yourself a story that isn’t entirely accurate. You have to pull yourself out of the idea that you are not appealing to anybody.

Even though we humans prefer to think of ourselves as intelligent beings, our minds are fickle and readily fooled. “Confirmation bias” is one example of such manipulation. For the most part, when we have a strong belief or opinion about anything, we search for instances that show us correct while ignoring all proof indicating we are incorrect.

If you are looking for a woman who matches your description and who is rated gorgeous by millions of others, look no further. Guys aren’t finding you unattractive because you’re genuinely ugly; they’re just not finding you appealing. You’re living your life under the impression that you’re ugly, and that impression is influencing your encounters with guys.

There are certainly plenty of men who pass by you on a daily basis who would love the opportunity to date you, but you’re so preoccupied with your thighs that you’re not paying attention to them. I’m a fitness enthusiast, and I believe that exercising your body is helpful to both your physical and emotional health in many ways.

However, having confidence and self-esteem will go a long way toward increasing the number of individuals who think you are beautiful. Thus, it is important to develop both your mental and physical muscles.

If you are in excellent health, eat a well-balanced diet, and engage in at least the amount of physical activity advised for your age and physical condition, you are what you say you are. It will not be simple to reprogram your mind, but it will be much less difficult than attempting to conform to some arbitrary notion of beauty that the people in your environment have taught you to become.

First and foremost, heredity plays a role in determining where fat is stored in your body. You have absolutely no control over the situation. A woman’s thighs, buttocks, and hips are the most common places where she stores her excess fat. Just as many women are constructed (but not all… yet again, it’s down to genetics).

The odds of being inwardly healthy (where it really matters) are quite high if you eat well and exercise often. When in doubt, you can have blood tests and other tests done, but at your age, there’s no purpose unless you’re suffering bad symptoms.

Final point: you’re concerned that no one will be physically attracted to you, which is the underlying reason for your query. As a result, you have probably come to the (incorrect, as it turns out) notion that you must seem a specific way in order for others to think you beautiful.

It bears repeating: there is no universally accepted definition of beauty. Every single person has their own distinct idea of what they find beautiful. This is especially true for women. Individuality is what we have. When it comes to beauty in its natural state, I am passionately committed. And, considering how diverse people are, this is a highly positive development!!

Your worry is most likely fueled by a belief in another myth: the myth of scarcity. The idea that possible mates, or “excellent ones,” are in some way hard to come by. They aren’t, in fact.

There are 7 billion individuals on the earth… there is a good probability that a significant proportion of them would think you appealing, if not really gorgeous. You will have to go out and look for them… You have to meet a lot of people before you meet someone who falls in love with you in the same manner that you fall in love with them.

If you stick to your diet and exercise routine, you will see weight loss. If you’re having problems determining whether or not you’re doing well, acquire a calendar and mark the days on which you don’t meet your diet objectives with an X and the days on which you do.

Also, make sure you don’t eat too little. As long as you’re meeting your objectives a significant portion of the time and refraining from overindulging on the days that you don’t, you’ll drop the excess weight you don’t want.