If there is one thing about being healthy that I could convey to the rest of the world, it would be that it has to be earned. It’s not because I have excellent genes, it’s not because I’m fortunate, and it’s not because I have a rapid metabolism. None of those things. I hope that I could only offer you a peek at the self-discipline and the suffering that I have consciously and voluntarily put upon myself in order to gain results.

Instead of remaining in my cozy blanket at five in the morning during the dead of winter when it was snowing outside, I got up and did weights for an hour, and then immediately after that, I ran for five kilometers. After that, I stretched in a stationary position and then foam rolled.

After that, I prepared and had a breakfast that was both wholesome and well-balanced. Things eventually became simpler, and the mornings were less chilly, but this was not because I had improved in any way; rather, it was because summer had arrived.

When it was Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a friend’s birthday, I DID NOT overindulge in food to the point that I felt sick from overeating. I was unable to comfort myself with a bowl of ice cream whenever I had a challenging day at work since I did not have any.

After a workout, I don’t say to myself, “I earned it,” and then go eat some fast food and drink a huge Coke. Instead, I play a game every morning where I try to anticipate which portion of my body is going to hurt the most due to delayed onset muscle pain.

After a few years of doing this, life got in the way and I was unable to get up at 5, so I adapted and started doing out at 10:30 at night instead. After a couple more years had passed, I ended up hurting my back. I went to the gym, but I could only work out the left half of my upper body since I couldn’t utilize the right side of my upper body completely.

When other people say things about me like, “Oh, I could never look like that,” my first thought is always, “Yes! You have a valid point.” It’s not that you lack the physical ability to accomplish it; rather, it’s that you don’t have the mental fortitude and drive to do it.

You have to have faith initially. You really need to have a fire because. If you don’t, the first speed bump in the road is going to seem like a mountain to you; it’s going to bring you to a complete halt, and you’re not going to be able to go ahead again.

Everyone experiences a burst of inspiration whenever they think about accomplishing a goal, whether it be gaining abs or coming up with a unique business concept. The manner in which you respond when you get the impression that everyone and everything in the world is working against you is the moment that will define who you are.

When I go to the gym, I find myself staring into the faces of dozens of people I have never met before. The vast majority of these folks are people who, when they find themselves suddenly motivated, go out of the house and start moving their bodies. Some of these individuals live for a month, some for a week, and yet others for just a single day.

After being absent for a period of time, some of them return at a later date. The next group of folks is a completely different one. These people make up the “usual suspects” category. They have maintained a routine of going to the gym at the same time every day for a number of years, regardless of the season, the weather, or the precipitation.

There are two regulars at the fitness center closest to my home that deserve a special note. They will spend the rest of their lives confined to a wheelchair each and every day of their lives. One of them is missing both of its legs! The man maneuvers himself out of his wheelchair and onto the machines with the use of just his arms.

He does this by rolling his wheelchair up near the equipment. There is no one shouting at him, and he is not attempting to reduce his weight in preparation for a wedding. He acts in this manner because he feels the need to.

I am not extraordinary, unique, or especially gifted. My SAT score is evidence that supports my assessment that I am cognitively below average. Having said that, I do have one thing going for me…. the capacity to withstand suffering more effectively than you can.

The aspect of being healthy that is by FAR the most frustrating is having to see other people settling for a life that is less than what they are capable of, and then having those same people criticize you for striving to achieve something challenging. It breaks my heart and soul to see people who are more competent than I am making excuses for why they can’t do something when the real reason is that they won’t do it.

Know this if you have ever attempted anything challenging and had your friends, family members, or other relatives criticize your efforts. Those voices coming from people who despise you aren’t talking to you; they’re having a conversation with themselves.