There are several exercises that can be performed at home, but just a few of them can help you maintain proper body posture, and they do not even need the use of any gym equipment whatsoever. So, are you ready, fellas?

A wide concept that signifies something different to everyone, “fitness” is defined as having your own ideal health and total well-being at your best. Being fit can not just refer to physical health, but also to emotional and mental well-being. Every part of your health is defined by it. Dietary discipline and physical activity are essential for maintaining fitness.


In calisthenics, a push-up is a typical exercise that is performed from the prone position. Pushups work the pectoral muscle, triceps, and deltoids by elevating and lowering the torso with the arms, with advantages to the rest of the deltoids as a result of this activity.

Pushups are a fundamental exercise that may be found in civilian sports or physical training, and they are also one of the most essential forms of military training available today. Most importantly, it is one of the most comprehensive forms of exercise since it trains our whole body. This exercise should be performed in a series of repetitions.

Make an effort to do at least 100 pushups every day (5*20).


A squat is a strength exercise in which the trainee lowers his or her hips from a standing posture and then raises them back to their original position. Squats are performed with the hip and knee joints flexed in conjunction with the ankle joint. Squats are widely regarded as a necessary exercise for boosting the strength of the lower body muscles and establishing core strength, among other benefits.

Among the most important muscles to engage during a squat exercise are the quadriceps, the angular Magnus, and the gluteus maximus. The squat is one of the three exercises used in the strength sport of powerlifting, along with the deadlift and the bench press, and it is one of the most difficult.

Make an effort to do at least 60 squats every day (4*15) of set.


Leg raises are a kind of strength training exercise that is particularly effective at targeting the abdominal muscle. In order to maintain bodily stability when moving, the abdominal muscles are engaged isometrically throughout the action. A basic workout in which we must lay down on the ground and maintain our hands straight while pushing our leg in a direction perpendicular to the rest of our body is called a push-up.

Try to complete at least 40 repetitions (4*10) in a single day.


Pull-ups are an upper-body strength exercise that targets the upper body. Essentially, it is a closed chain action in which the body is suspended by the hands and pulled upward. It is necessary to lift and lower the whole body during this activity. This workout will boost your whole body strength while also making your arms stronger than they were before.

Try to complete at least 40 repetitions (4*10) in a single day.


A plank is an isometric exercise that helps to develop the strength of the body. It is also one of the core exercises that provides you with tremendous power and endurance. The forearm plank is the most frequent plank, and it requires you to be in a pushup-like posture with your whole weight on your hands and elbows. There are other variations, such as the side plank and the reverse plank.

Make an effort to complete at least 3 minutes every day.

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